— I believe that truth is the most precious gift, those that do good in the world are my favorite people, friendship in its pure form brings me joy, and that the journey is the best part of the adventure. 

I am a third generation real estate broker and I operate my own real estate brokerage Carter Realty, Inc.  My wife is a travel photographer and does amazing work which you can see here.  I am thankful every day for my family, friends and community… each day I try to do better by learning more and helping others through what I have discovered.

For those looking for my professional details, I try to keep LinkedIn updated.

If you’re interested in my bio, here’s what I’ve got so far…

I am the oldest of seven children.  Growing up I knew that my parents loved me, made sacrifices and did what they thought was best for our family.  I met my wife at Athens Public Library.  She was working at the front desk and I was getting my library card.  When she handed me my card she also gave me a pamphlet and said “everything you need to know about the library is in this pamphlet”  I asked her if her phone number was in the pamphlet too?  We both were attending the University of Georgia at the time and got to know each other by meeting up for morning coffee and adventuring in and around Athens.  We have been inseparable since then.  My son was born at St. Mary’s Hospital right across the street from the Athens Public Library.

I love to spend time with my family and friends, read, listen to audio books and podcasts, meet new people, cook and eat good food, study history, rock climb, attend airshows, golf and travel.

Whether I’m working on one of my projects or helping a friend out with an idea I’m passionate about these three things:

* Improving Value for Others

* Using Technology To Improve Service

* Serving my Clients and Community

I hope we connect soon!



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