The always up-to-date guide on how I cut my Cable TV service

LAST UPDATED 07/11/2016

WHY:  In 2012, my cable tv service – AT&T U-VERSE-was costing me $128.00 per month in addition to my internet connection of $54.00 a month.  To add to this cost, I was already using Netflix and Amazon Prime to augment shows that I wanted to watch.  I thought I could do better.

In 2012 my cable and internet monthly cost was $182.00 a month x 12 = $2,184.00 annually



1.  $44.99 a month 25 MB internet connection from Comcast xfinity.


2.  $30.00 one time -1byone Digital Amplified Outdoor / Attic HDTV Antenna with 80 Miles Range

I purchased the above pictured Antennacraft HBU33 High-VHF/UHF Antenna for $82.99 from Radio Shack a few years ago.  It doesn’t appear to be available anymore.  However, there is a highly-rated antenna from Amazon that has the same range, high ratings and looks to be a great deal at around $30.00.  You can check it out here: 1byone Digital Amplified Outdoor / Attic HDTV Antenna with 80 Miles Range

I live in the Atlanta area about 40 miles from  where most TV station broadcast and this picks up all the local over the air channels that I know of.  This includes all the big networks; ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS and a lot of other stations that our broadcast on their spectrums including Me.TV.  The HD quality of the over the air picture signal is excellent! In fact it’s better than the HD quality that I had with cable.

3.  HAUPPAUGE DIGITAL TV TUNER – Around $40.00 to $60 on Amazon – Keep a look out for sales

This year, with the hope that XBOX ONE would develop a DVR app, I purchased a HAUPPAUGE DIGITAL TV TUNER.  Though Microsoft later that they were not going to pursue DVR development at this time, the tuner is a great addition to over-the-air viewing.  You can pause live TV for 30 minutes, plus with the XBOX ONE app “One Guide,” you can view current and future TV shows in a cable like-menu experience.


4.  Netflix.  I have the $7.99-a-month a streaming plan.

I’m impressed with their content library and they always seem to be including new movies and TV shows.  I also enjoy watching documentaries, Netflix Originals, and indie films.  Increasingly though, I have been watching Netflix Originals and exclusive Netflix content.  Some of these exclusive Netflix productions are really impressive!  Having Netflix, I have also watched more documentaries than I otherwise would have, which has expanded my viewing palette.  For the “expanding of the mind” reason alone, Netflix at, $7.99 a month, is a great investment for me.


5.  Hulu Plus  7.99 a month.

The only person who uses this on a regular basis in our household is my wife.  She is able to watch TV shows the day after they air. She is happy with the service and aside from having to watch some ad’s likes it.  I guess I could upgrade to remove the ad’s, but she hasn’t complained about it yet, so I will leave it as is for now 🙂


6. Amazon Prime 99.00 a year.

I have become dependent on Amazon because it’s so easy to shop online and get what you ordered in the mail with their free two day shipping. I would have spent the 99.99-a-year regardless of all their Prime Videos available.  To me the videos are a great bonus! Unlimited instant streaming of 40,000 Movies and TV episodes.  Also, there are 500,000 Kindle titles to borrow for free. A lot of video content that is on Netflix is also on Amazon, but some isn’t.  Both of these guys do have exclusive content and are increasing it by producing their own movies and tv shows.  Having both broadens my accessibility to this exclusive content.  I also enjoy the broad selection of classic offerings (Movies, TV shows, Documentaries) that both of these services provide.  For more information about what Amazon’s production company has in the works you can check it out at AmazonSudio’s.


Keep a look out… I found mine on an Amazon flash sale for $39.99.  Solid streaming player with good user experience.  Channels that our family uses are Sling, Netflix, Hulu-Plus, Amazon Prime, Pandora, Youtube, Plex, PBS, and History.

Why I love it:  Plex is my mission control for personal media.  With easy-to-install Plex Media Server software and Plex apps, available on my iPhone, iPad, Roku, and XBOX ONE, I can stream my video, music, and photo collections any time, anywhere, to any device!



Why I use it – ESPN   The following are a list of the base channels you can get with Sling.TV

Sling.TV Channels

A good selection of live streaming Channels and ESPN.  The last time I checked the nearest cable package I could find with ESPN costs around $90.00.


New annual internet and subscription costs:

INTERNET:  $539.88  

NETFLIX:  $95.88

HULUPLUS:  $95.88


PLEX: $39.99

SLING.TV:  $240.00

TOTAL INTERNET AND SUBSCRIPTION COSTS:  $1110.63 annually or $92.55 a month.



What I like about the fact that I cut my cable service 3+ years ago:  Besides saving hundreds of dollars every year, what I like best about cutting my cable TV service is the freedom to add or take away services as I need them.  I now have greater control over my content and a more tailored viewing experience.

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